Jammy Jams is a fun, modern twist on lullabies for parents who strive to create memories with their little ones while teaching them a thing or two about their own style.

Lullaby versions of your favorite Hip-Hop, Rock, Pop and More! Jammy Jams features lullaby renditions of songs originally by everyone from Dr. Dre to Iron Maiden, Eminem to The Fray, Lady Gaga to The Beastie Boys! Check out our newest lullaby CDs below.

New Release!

Midnight Cruisers

Midnight Cruisers
Yacht Rock Goes Lullaby

Peacefully sail away to your dreams with ten smooth-groove lullaby renditions of yacht Rock classics. Sweet dreams. Sweet nautical dreams.


Featured Hip-Hop

Once Upon A Rhyme

Hip-Hop Goes Lullaby

Jammy Jams explores the melodies of old school hip-hop songs and brings them to life with calming renditions for parents to enjoy along with their babies.


Featured Pop

Eaighties Babies 2

Pop Goes Lullaby 7
Lullaby Renditions of Pop Hits

Who’s got the coolest kid in the nursery? YOU do! Jammy Jams’ latest release features lullaby renditions of pop songs currently in the charts.


Featured Rock

Little Headbangers 1

Hair Metal Goes Lullaby

Whether you are a child of the 80s or are shopping for a little one born yesterday, these gentle lullabies will captivate and delight.


Lobie's Love Bites:

Guitar Teething Necklace

teething necklace

Lobie’s Love Bites Guitar Teether Necklace is full of texture to massage baby’s teeth and gums. Easy for baby to grasp, hold and chew. Perfect size for the hands of your little Rock Star! Also, an awesome accessory for Mom! 100% Food level silicone, 100% Chewable Non-Toxic, BPA Free, Phthalate Free!


Benji Rules:

Shoe Sizers

Foot Measure

Benji Rules Shoe Sizers are designed for busy parents to simply & accurately size themselves & their children in the comfort of their home for shoes to be purchased online or in store.  Sizers are available in 3 sizes/styles: Infant/Toddler, Kids, Family (available in 6 bright colors)


Jammy Jams Onesies.

Dress your baby like 'School on a Monday'. All class.

Jammy Jams Logo Baby Blue Onesie

Jammy Jams is now offering many original Onesie designs. Stay classic with the Jammy Jams logo on pink or blue. Show off you rocker in a Little Headbanger onesie. Spin some lullabies in a turntable design. Or let Lady Ducky show your child how to go the duck to sleep. We also offer some other rock and hip-hop designs as well.


Jammy Jams Digital Download Cards.

Same great lullabies. Less packaging.

Eighties Babies

Jammy Jams is now offering high-quality plastic digital download cards for most of our releases. This is a perfect way to give a Jammy Jams record inside of a baby shower card, no need to gift-wrap a CD. Prefer to play lullabies to your child on an iPod or iPad? Skip the hassle of importing the CD. Each Jammy Jams digital download card contains a unique code that enables you to download MP3s to your computer.


Jammy Jams Music is also available in the US from the following locations…

Bandcamp | Amazon | iTunes | Google Play |  Spotify | Dawn Price Baby |  Pencie & Ginger | Rolly’s