Punk Goes Lullaby

Is your little Misfit keeping you up all night?  Try rocking him to sleep with Jammy Jams’ take on these Punk Rock Classics!   From late ’70s punk pioneers The Clash, Buzzcocks, Ramones and Misfits to second and third wave punk acts like NOFX, Bad Religion, AFI, Rancid and more!  Jammy Jams covers it all on their latest compilation.  Soothing instrumental lullaby renditions of punk songs you know and love…  you can now share them with your little one.  Songs such as “Ruby Soho”, “Knowledge” and “London Calling”…  Jammy Jams style!  Don’t let becoming a new parent cramp your style at bedtime, share a little bit of your “Attitude” with baby today!



Track Listing: