Frequently Asked Questions


Have a few questions for us? It might be answered below. If not, please contact us.

Can you redeem your Digital Download Card on a mobile device?

No. You can only use a desktop/laptop computer to redeem your download card.

Jammy Jams uses DropCards as our digital download card vendor. If you have any questions concerning downloading your album from a retail Digital Download Card, please visit their help page at:

What instruments are used?

Jammy Jams uses a combination of soothing instruments for their lullaby renditions. Most commonly used are the vibraphone, marimba, xylophone, piano, and wood blocks.

Do your lullaby renditions feature vocals?

No. None of our recordings feature vocals. The intent is to use the melodies and rhythms of the songs to create a soundtrack to enable sleep and rest for your baby.

How will heavy metal and rap lullabies calm my baby down for a nap?

Jammy Jams covers many different genres of music. While the songs in their original state can be quite loud, noisy and energetic, our lullaby renditions are aims to bring a calming effect to your baby. They are slowed down to a peaceful RPM, performed with soothing and tender instruments, and transforming into an instrumental children’s lullaby. The end result is a song that parents can recognize and enjoy, yet a song that babies can relax to and drift asleep.

Can I order internationally?

Yes, you can order our products in most countries.

Can I find these CDs in a store near me?

Yes you can. Our products are carried by many boutique and chain stores.

Here are a few:

In the DC/MD/VA area, check out:

In Upstate NY, check out:

In Winston-Salem, NC, check out:

In Northern California, check out:

I want to carry your product in my store. How do I get started?

We would love to have Jammy Jams products in your store. Please go to our Wholesale Contact page and fill out some information about your store. We will be in contact to discuss further details.

I’d like to review your music for my blog. Who do I contact?

We would love to have Jammy Jams reviewed on your blog. Please go to our Contact page and fill out a little information about your website or blog. We will be in contact to discuss further details.