Preview Jammy Jams’ Best Seller: “Once Upon A Rhyme: Lullaby Renditions of Hip-Hop Classics”

Instrumental Lullaby Renditions of: Outkast, Jay-Z, Run-D.M.C., Coolio, 2Pac, Dr. Dre, Eminem, Beastie Boys, Warren G, DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince

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*track list*
1. Hey Ya (Lullaby Rendition of Outkast)
2. California Love (Lullaby Rendition of 2Pac)
3. The Real Slim Shady (Lullaby Rendition of Eminem)
4. Gangsta’s Paradise (Lullaby Rendition of Coolio)
5. Girls (Lullaby Rendition of Beastie Boys)
6. Rock Box (Lullaby Rendition of Run-D.M.C.)
7. Summertime (Lullaby Rendition of DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince)
8. Regulate (Lullaby Rendition of Warren G)
9. Big Pimpin (Lullaby Rendition of Jay-Z)
10. Nuthin’ But A “G” Thang (Lullaby Rendition of Dr. Dre)